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An introduction to Fillers, Extenders and Oxide pigments

David Williams is Technical Manger of Viaton Industries Ltd and his talk “An introduction to Fillers, Extenders and Oxide pigments”  gave us an overview of the larger particles found in paint formulations.

He will give a review of some of the most popular types of Fillers, Extenders and Oxide pigments. This will outline their chemistry, physical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Personal Profile

David Williams joined Joseph Mason Paints inDerbyin 1975 as an R&D Chemist. Over 25 years, he worked on a wide variety of coatings including Decorative, Industrial and Maintenance applications.

In 1980, he changed emphasis to develop Transport Coatings. An important development was the 2K PU range, which became market leader for UK Commercial Vehicle, Refinish.

Leaving in 2002, David had a brief spell working with urethane and acrylic conformal coatings, heat transfer compounds and lubricants.

In 2003, he returned to paint, again developing coatings for Industrial and Commercial Vehicle markets.

In 2007 joined Viaton, a Derbyshire based powder processing company and supplier of Talc, Barytes and Oxide Pigments to the Coatings Industry.  He was appointed Technical Manager in 2010


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