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Professor Jim Guthrie, Keynote, The Importance of Rheology in Coating Formulation

Jim Guthrie

Flow properties govern nearly all aspects of the coatings world. Formulations, often very complex in their composition need to be “delivered” on the required surface in the required manner. From then a series of general events follows: film formation, wetting, adhesion, drying/curing and physical form maintenance over the required lifetime. In many instances, this journey begins with flow, after formulation.

Flow phenomena govern the delivery of the solution state compositions, dispersion state compositions and melts. The composition may be a solution/dispersion in the liquid state and may also be a solution/dispersion in the solid state.

Thus, information acquired on the basis of flow behaviour needs to be interpreted on the basis of the composition of the formulation, its history, the prevailing conditions (stress and strain features) of measurement, operational parameters and time.

The presentations to follow will cover many of these points, particularly with reference to interpretation of data in an applications-based context.

Viscosity is the phenomenon of resistance to flow. This resistance arises because of the development of structural developments and inter molecular interactions between and within the components of the composition. The structural aspects are rationalised in terms such as properties/effects such as elasticity, tack phenomena, formulation fly (in printing), in drippage, in solvent retention, in particle matrix interactions and so on.

The invited speakers will provide valuable information that place many of these themes in measurement/application/characterisation contexts. In this way, the deep importance of flow phenomena to society will be brought out.


Jim Guthrie is the Professor of Polymer Science and Surface Coatings Technology in the Department of Colour Science of the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds. He is closely involved in both teaching and research, within the remit suggested by the title of the professorship.


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