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Novel high efficient NISAT thickeners

Udo Schonhoff

Udo Schonhoff, Senior Technical Service Representative Coatings EMEA, Elementis Specialties, Cologne, Germany

ABSTRACT: The impact of rheology modifiers on paint and coatings formulations continues to be immeasurable. Especially in architectural coatings the choice of rheology modifier typically determines the final paint and film properties. Rheology modifiers used in architectural paints include cellulose-based water-soluble polymers (HEC), polyacrylic based (H)ASE and non-ionic synthetic associative thickeners (NISAT). Paints with NISAT thickeners exhibit improved performance in sag and levelling, moisture resistance, spatter resistance and coverage. The thickening action of NISAT thickeners is predominantly determined by the interactions of the hydrophobic end-caps with the surfaces of the hydrophobic particles in a paint, forming a network structure with the latex particles mainly.

Continuously lower VOC targets for paints and coatings have forced latex manufacturers to develop low- and zero VOC latex systems. The composition and stabilization of these newest generation of low VOC latexes however has resulted in an adverse effect on the thickening efficiency of associative thickeners. A marked increase in the level of these associative thickeners is required to achieve the targeted viscosity specifications. This paper discusses NISAT with a unique architecture that results in a very significant decrease of the required amount of thickener. This newest generation of NISAT provides the formulator with flexibility and solutions to reach the targeted viscosity specifications, without adversely affecting the paint and coatings application properties

PROFILE: Udo Schonhoff works since 1995 in the coating additives industry. He has built in-depth knowledge on technical application and technical service of additives in many systems such as coatings, sealants, adhesives and construction as well as inks. Udo Schonhoff is 15 years with Elementis and is since 2012 working in his current position as “Senior Technical Service Representative” being responsible for the coating additives in the EMEA region.

ELEMENTIS Specialties is a global producer of specialty chemical, e.g. additives for coatings and nearby systems. The core competencies of the organisation are the production and application of rheology modifiers, wetting and dispersing agents and defoamers in various systems.


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