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Harald Faber, New rheological additives for waterbased coatings compared with existing additives

Harold FaberHarold Faber


The common used thickening and suspending stabilizing agents available in today’s market are reviewed.
The thickening agents include:
(a) CLAY MINERALS, such as Magnesium aluminium silicate, attapulgite, bentonite, hectorite and sepiolite;
(b) ORGANIC thickening agents, such as Cellulose ethers and acrylic thickeners

The theories of mechanisms of thickening are presented as well as the causes of thixotropic and pseudoplastic behaviour.
The strong and weak points of covered rheological agents are discussed.

About the Author:

Harold Faber (1959) has a B.Sc in Chemistry.
His graduation project was the development of an amide based thickener for solvent born coatings at elevated temperatures.
He started his career in R&D at PPG Coatings in the Netherlands and worked on following projects;

·        Development of a polyester binder for flexible substrates
·        Development of a MIG-weld able primer
·        Development of epoxy resin based tank coatings

He later worked many years as distributor for several manufacturers of resins and thickeners.
He founded Faber&VanderEnde BV in the year 2000.
Faber&VanderEnde is a fast growing company that represents several manufacturers of specialty minerals and binders for the European market.
They have appointed Wilfred Smith Ltd. in 2009 as partner-agent for promoting these minerals in the coatings- and catalyst market in the UK.


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