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Borica: Developing Rheology in Aqueous Paints with Ti-Chelates





Presenter: Jeremy Green

Today, home decorators take a professional finish for granted. They can load the brush or roller with emulsion paint and there are no drips. The paint flows on to the surface without spatter. A single application is all that is needed to leave a thick even finish with no brush marks or sagging. Such results have been achievable in water based gloss, silk and matt paints for the home improvement market with the development of titanium chelates.

Structured paints have a pleasing gel-like consistency in the can to reduce syneresis. Being thixotropic, the paint breaks down under the shear force of application by brush or roller. After application there is sufficient time delay before the structure builds up again to prevent sag

Personal profile

Jez graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry from Nottingham University and joined ICI/Tioxide in 1987 as an R&D Chemist. During his 18 years with ICI/Tioxide, later to become Huntsman Pigments, he worked in a range of technical and commercial roles in North America, Asia and Europe.

After a brief sabbatical working in the liquid colours for plastics arena, he joined Johnson Matthey Organometallics Division (VERTEC) and was the Commercial Manager until their closure in 2011. He then moved to Edinburgh to work in their Macfarlan Smith Pharma API division before returning to his titanium roots in 2012 by joining Borica Ltd, a Taiwanese MBO from ICI Taiwan.

He is now responsible for all commercial and technical activities for Europe, Africa and N America as well as supporting the manufacturing units in China and Taiwan with regards process and SHE improvements.

Sponsored by Lawrence Industries LI-logo-hires


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