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How to Formulate High Performance, Single Pack Water-based Acrylic, Anti-Corrosive Coatings

“How to Formulate High Performance, Single Pack Water-based Acrylic, Anti-Corrosive Coatings”

Sinsoulieu, Industrial Metal Coatings Laboratory

Dow Coating Materials.

ABSTRACT: Water borne coatings are progressing in industrial applications and are gaining ground against solvent based paints not only due to international regulations (VOC reduction) but also through continuous quality and performance improvements.

A number of water borne technologies are used to cover a broad range of metal protection applications with specific requirements. One-component water borne metal coatings are particularly suitable to the protection of new substrates like in temporary primers for the protection of pipes/tubes or in highly durable systems for the protection and maintenance of infrastructures.

The introduction of a new range of acrylic binders equipped with an innovative organic/inorganic interactive technology referred to as AvanseTM chemistry has allowed the development of high performance primers and DTM (Direct-To-Metal) coatings giving the one-component water borne acrylic technology access to higher requirements metal protection applications.

To develop their performance such binders require an in-depth knowledge of the interactions between the various components used in metal protection formulations and especially anti-corrosive pigments.

This presentation will show how to develop metal protection formulations based on this new technology and demonstrate how such optimized systems can then achieve a higher level of protection extending the use of water borne metal coatings to more demanding anti-corrosion applications of the ISO-12944 corrosion protection scale.


PROFILE: Sandrine Sinsoulieu joined Dow in 2006 as hazard communication expert in the Product integrity and regulatory department in Valbonne. After some years, she moved in technical service in 2011. For the past 20 years Sandrine has worked mainly for synthesis and formulation of specialty chemistry products used for the textile industry. S. Sinsoulieu studied chemical engineering at the CNAM at Lille and holds a bachelor’s degree in Management QSE.


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