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Dr Charanjeet Singh, Formulating high value performance coatings with graphene and other nano-materials

Dr Charanjeet Singh, Centre for Process Innovation, Formulations and Flexible Manufacturing, “Formulating high value performance coatings with graphene and other nano-materials


Nanomaterials (size scale between 1 -100 nm) take advantage of their dramatically increased surface area to volume ratio to impart novel physical, chemical and optical properties when compared to micron sized particles. Nanoparticles offer dramatic improvements in performance for many coatings systems. To achieve maximum benefit of these properties, the nanoparticles need to remain discrete in their carrier medium. One key technical barrier to large scale commercial uptake of nanomaterials has been the lack of a process technology capable of creating discrete stable dispersions at the nanoscale level. Optimised dispersion will deliver the benefits of both superior product performance and reduced raw material usage contributing to greater resource efficiency and greener process technologies.



His responsibilities include securing public/private finance for collaborative R&D project from UK and European funding sources. He also develops commercialisation strategies for new technologies and product ideas, managing senior and board level clients, partner and stakeholder relationships, market research through analysis of market intelligence, news, patent searches and online reports. Prior to joining CPI, Dr Singh worked as the Director of Operations for the Nanotechnology Industries Association Ltd (NIA) and for Thomas Swan & Co Ltd as a Nanotechnologist.


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