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Adrian Kirk, Monitor Coatings, High performance coatings for demanding industries and environments

Adrian Kirk, Systems Manager

Monitor Coatings Limited (Castolin Eutectic)

Monitor Coatings Limited is a privately owned company with over 30 years experience of providing high quality coatings to demanding industries such as Aerospace, Oil & Gas exploration, Steel and many others where high performance is required in problematic hostile environments.

ABSTRACT: Surface Engineering and Advanced Coatings covers a vast array of techniques and processes used to protect, decorate and prolong the life of a multitude of objects.  With a demand for environmental responsibility, economic squeeze and the need for more efficient and effective manufacturing capabilities, the use of inorganic slurry’s and sealants either on their own or in combination with other coating technologies offers an increased diversity and scope of application.

A slurry is a thin sloppy mud or cement or, in extended use, any fluid mixture of a pulverized solid with a liquid (usually water).  Slurries behave in some ways like thick fluids.  The slurry coating process is similar to the application of paint systems or conventional sealants.  This eliminates the problems associated with “line of sight” applications as experienced with mechanical processes such as thermal spray.

This presentation provides a brief overview of the slurry and sealant technology and chemistry together with an overview of current research.  Examples of where this technology is applied in industry today are also included.

PROFILE: Adrian Kirk joined Monitor Coatings in 2011 as Systems Manager responsible for LEAN production systems and Business efficiency driving efficiencies and improving process capacity through engagement, structure and process simplification.  Adrian previously used his Black Belt in Lean / Six Sigma to improve operational efficiencies in The Royal Mail Group retail and banking services.  Adrian has a degree in Statistics and Biological Science from Reading University and an MBA from Sunderland University.


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