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Aspects of Resin Systems and Performance Coatings, 15th October 2014, PPG Batley

The latest in the very popular West Riding  Forum technical lectures.

In this forum we will present advice and technical support to inform and entertain those working in the surface coatings industries.

We have selected a range of companies working at the cutting edge of  that are keen to help you understand Aspects of Resin Systems and Performance Coatings.

This Forum has something for everybody who has an interest in Formulation, from large producers, to small Industrial paints manufacturers and the companies that support them. This concentrated form of lecture programme will have many advantages to members and companies, Wednesday 15th October 2014, starting 12.30pm – 5.45pm, followed by buffet.

As attendance is restricted we recommend that you Register as soon as possible.  We expect good support from OCCA, and non-members.

Security Gate entrance
Bradford Road
Birstall Batley
West Yorkshire
WF17 9NS

12-12.30 – Check-in and safety induction at Security gate, (WF17 9NS). Then escort transfer to the Training and Visitor Centre 7-8 minute walk, if weather fine.

13.00-17.45 – Technical Presentations, followed by buffet.

Prices: Members (OCCA) £25, Student/Retired Members: Free, Non-members £125


Registration closed


Keynote Address, Professor Jim Guthrie, University of Leeds, Link

The presentations that follow this introduction cover a wide variety of topics and yet have several points in common. These concern the interactions between components of formulations, factors related to mixing types and efficiencies, time dependent phenomena (ageing), deposition criteria and so on. One aspect that is of continuous relevance is the impact of these formulation and composition criteria is the effect on performance, especially when the resulting solid state coating is put under duress/stress/mechanical action.  Interactions between the binder system/solvents/additives and particulates are of significance in this context, a point that will be used as the focus of the plenary address

Huntsman Advanced Materials, Mark Salisbury, Achieving/Maintaining the Performance of Low VOC Epoxy, Construction Coatings, Under Low Temperature Curing Conditions Link

Dow Coating Materials, “How to Formulate High Performance, Single Pack Water-based Acrylic, Anti-Corrosive Coatings” Sandrine Sinsoulieu, Industrial Metal Coatings Laboratory. Link 

Centre for Process Innovation, Dr Charanjeet Singh “Formulating high value performance coatings with graphene and other nano-materials” Link

Monitor Coatings, Adrian Kirk. “High performance coatings for demanding industries and environments” Link

Indestructible Paints, Richard Banks. “Performance Coatings for Aerospace – Meeting the requirements of the early pioneers of flight through to the latest Super Jumbo”


Enquiries to Sandy Gunn, Treasurer

Tel  0787 233 5989



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