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How Dispersing, Wetting and Rheological Additives Can Provide Stable Color Formulations

Robert Miller, Product Manager, Troy Corporation

What Can You Do to Prevent Color Float:  How Dispersing, Wetting and Rheological Additives Can Provide Stable Color Formulations

Color floating or flooding is a common problem with coating systems containing mixed pigments.  The problem is prevalent in coatings containing pigments of large particle size difference such as titanium dioxide with carbon black or mixed organic pigments.

We will discuss how pigment Dispersant selection and optimization has a major influence in the dispersion and stabilization of pigments with reduced color uniformity problems.  We will also present how the use of Wetting additives can minimize surface tension changes during the drying process, reducing the tendency for pigment segregation and resultant color problem.  The use of Rheological additives develops structure to coatings which helps maintain the uniformity of mixed pigment dispersions during storage, application and curing conditions.

We will present how Troysperse Dispersants, Troysol Wetting additives and Troythix Rheological additives can be utilized to formulate stable color coatings.

Bob Miller has spent his entire career working with the Paint and Coatings industry.  He spent thirty plus years in the formulation and manufacture of Coatings, serving as Technical Vice President for two of the largest regional paint companies in the US.  He joined Troy in 1996 as Manager, Paint Coating Laboratory.  In this capacity, he is responsible for Technical Services, for the Troy additive line, to the coating, ink, polymer  and adhesive industries.  His current position is Product Manager Performance Additives with World wide responsibility for the product line.  He has had many studies published and has presented numerous technical presentations to industry groups.


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