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Formulating with Metallic Effect Pigments – Thomas Voit

Formulating with Metallic Effect Pigments – Thomas Voit, Eckart GmbH, Head of Marketing & Technical Service, Functional Coatings


To get the best from Metallic Effect Pigments, you need to think differently than you would do for other pigments. A key issue is to understand how to formulate to get the best Effect, from your choice of pigment, and to understand the things you need to consider, when making that choice.

The presentation starts with a brief overview of Metallic Effect Flake Basics. This includes:

How to handle flaky Effect Pigments, during the coating production process.

Metallic Pigment variations – Cornflake, Silver-dollar, Platinum-dollar, PVD pigments

It then progresses to:

“What are Eckart’s Metallic Pigment Coating Technologies, and why do we have them?” – Additive modifications, Silica-Encapsulations, Higher performance versions, Double Encapsulations.


How important is the solid content of a formulation in combination with metallic-pigments?


“What additives can be used to improve the Metallic appearance”


What other Metallic Pigments can be used as well as Aluminium grades? (Glass, Gold/Bronze, Stay-Steel)


Finishing the presentation with some interesting Effect Pigments – Magnetic Flake, Prismatic, IReflex


By the end of the presentation, you will be in a good position to understand how to achieve good, economical effects from Metallic Effect Pigments


Thomas Voit started his apprenticeship with Eckart Werke in 1999, training as a paint lab assistant and then worked in many departments within Eckart Güntersthal for over 3 years. Shortly after passing National & Eckart exams, he became responsible for technical service for Industrial Coatings for the region of Benelux.

In 2007 he started his further education to get his “Technical Engineer of paint” which he accomplished in 2009.

He re-started with Eckart in 2009, with new responsibilities, technical service for Europe, and also Global technical service for Functional Coatings, such as Corrosion Protection, Antifouling, Conductive coatings and IR-Reflective coatings.


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