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Zinc free anti corrosive pigments, performance and challenge

Zinc free anti corrosive pigments, performance and challenge

Environmental concerns and new legislations continue to drive the choice of products for the industry in general and the coatings industry especially. Long time standard products like Chromates are under scrutiny and recently the next generation of Zinc containing products came into the focus of environmental investigation.

Whereas Zinc free anticorrosive pigments exist already for a while and in specific systems like coil coating exhibit outstanding performance, the majority of the products are Zinc based as they provide so far an optimal cost performance ratio for a broad range of application.

 The presentation will show the actual status of Zinc free products and their use in several systems, it will also explain the challenge in developing a universal pigment.

A quick outlook in current developments will conclude the presentation.

Presenter Profile

Detlef Barion is Marketing & Business Development Manager at Heubach GmbH in Germany, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pigments that provides our customers high-performance colouring and protection solutions for industry-specific requirements.  

Detlef started his career 1990 in the technical service of pigments and after several managerial roles in the technical marketing and business development of specialty chemicals returned since beginning of this year to his roots with providing technical service for pigments.

Heubach GmbH is a leading supplier of anti corrosion pigments to most members of OCCA and due to the outstanding properties of our corrosion protective pigments ranks among the world leaders in this market segment


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