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Understanding the use of Metallic Flake Pigments for Anti-Corrosion

Thomas Voit, Functional Applications, Eckart GmbH


Eckart is best known for Metallic Flake Effect Pigments.

We have, over several years, been considering the use of Metallic Flake Pigments, for Functional uses. This is interesting, because you get the flaky character, which can be an effective barrier, but also a very large surface, for the weight of metal. This very large surface means the reactivity is much more than a similar weight of spheroid particle. In anti-corrosion terms, a valuable feature.

Eckart focus has changed over time from ‘what Functional Applications can use our existing flakes for’ to ‘how can we modify them to be more effective for specific Functional Applications’.

Here we have the subject matter of this presentation from our Functional Applications expert.

Zinc flakes for shop primers, (pre-fabrication primers) for steelwork, far outperform traditional zinc dust.

Special Zinc Alloys, now contribute to ‘Chromate free’ corrosion protection of Aluminium substrates.

Traditional Aluminium Flakes for traditional ship ballast tank coatings, are nowhere near as effective as our modification.

Lateral thinking about Traditional Copper Flake used for Anti-fouling has led to an innovative alternative. Watch this space!

Copper as an anti-bacterial?

Eckart is Metallic & Flaky and when it comes to Functionality, we know what we are talking about.


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