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Liquid corrosion inhibitors

How liquid corrosion inhibitors can help the coating formulators, and work as synergists with anticorrosive pigments.

After a quick presentation of corrosion theory and the main corrosion protection raw materials used in coating formulations, we will show how we can increase the corrosion protection of solvent and water borne coatings using liquid corrosion inhibitor additives, as an element of the protective coating formulations, providing interesting advantages such as better gloss for “direct to metal” applications and clear coat formulation.

The Presentation will describe the mechanism of Liquid Corrosion inhibitor additives, the formulations with those additives, and their performances through experimental tests in water based coatings and solvent borne industrial coatings formulations in synergy with anticorrosive pigments.

The Presentation will take roughly 30 minutes, as the theory part will be reduced so as not to over-run with other presentations. 

Presenter profile:

Xavier Franc has worked for SYNTHRON, since 2010 as European Business Manager Coatings.

SYNTHRON is a daughter company of PROTEX INTERNATIONAL, a French Family owned Group, who develops, produces and sells additives and resins for several industrial fields such as Textile, Lubricants, Papers, Chemicals Specialties, Electronics, Construction Chemicals, and of course Liquid and Powder Coatings. The subsidiary, Synthron, is focused on Additives for Coatings, Lubricants, Construction Chemicals, Papers and Agriculture.

Before joining Synthron, Xavier has had 15 years experience in additives for coatings, starting as Technical Advisor for French speaking countries, until Business Development Manager Additives for Coatings and International Accounts Manager, within the Dutch Additives producer, EFKA Additives B.V

At the beginning of his career in 1984, Xavier worked as a Junior Technician in the cosmetic industry first, and then the coatings industry within European resins and pigments producers.


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