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Wetting & Levelling Agents

Problem Solving – Wetting & Levelling Agents in High Performance Water Based Coatings

Jörg Wollschläger, Business Development Manager Wetting & Dispersing Agents, Münzing Chemie GmbH


The presentation gives an overview about the working mechanism and the different chemistries of wetting & levelling agents.

What are the reasons for surface and levelling defects and how to identify the right additives?

Which criteria are important for perfect wetting of substrates, particles and pigments?

The function of a wetting agent for pigments and the additional effects of a dispersing agent is presented.

Special surfactants could be used to improve the colour acceptance and compatibility of tinted base paints to avoid problems like Rub-Out.

The definition of surface and levelling defects, i.e. craters, fish eyes or pinholes will be discussed as well as corresponding measurement methods.

This includes static and dynamic surface tension of liquids and the influence of dispersive and polar parts of the surface free energy.


Jorg Wollschlager


Jörg Wollschläger is Business Development Manager at Münzing Chemie GmbH.

He is a graduate chemical engineer and started his career working in R&D and later technical sales for two leading German printing ink manufacturers. Jörg then joined a producer of pigment preparations as Technical Manager with responsibility for R&D and product safety. During his 12 years at the company he gained a wealth of experience in the development and manufacture of colour pigment dispersions for a wide variety of end applications.

Since July 2014 he is part of the Business Unit Paper & Coatings Additives team at Münzing Chemie and Jörg is responsible for the market development in the EMEA region with particular focus on wetting and dispersing agents.


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