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Keynote, Professor J Guthrie

The Importance of Additives & Control Agents in Coating Formulation, Professor Jim Guthrie, Department of Colour Science, School of Chemistry, Leeds University


The term additive, within a formulation means different things to different groups. For this reason, misunderstandings can arise. The whole process of formulation is one of “adding” components together so that the formulation is fit for the intended purpose through formulation, “delivery”, application and the lifetime of its use. This often concerns the conversion from a solid state to a liquid state and back to a solid state. Many issues arise in the creation, composition, use and disposal of “Additives”. Aspects of appropriate analyses and characterisation procedures, quality control, standardisation and testing arise. These and other points will be considered in the presentation.

Jim Guthrie


Jim Guthrie is the Professor of Polymer Science and Surface Coatings Technology in the Department of Colour Science of the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds. He is closely involved in both teaching and research, within the remit suggested by the title of the professorship.


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