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Formaldehyde Scavengers- Solutions to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Xavier Franc, Business Manager Coatings Europe, Synthron, Protex International Group


Air Indoor Quality is becoming more and more the focus in new build construction and especially in public buildings. France has been one of the first countries to develop the regulation in terms of VOC emission and achieving label A+. Within the VOC list, one of the issues is Formaldehyde due to the ultra-low level authorized and recently CMR labelled.

Synthron has worked for a long time to develop products which are able to scavenge formaldehyde and can now propose additives to the coatings formulator which can be used in formulations to ensure low emission levels, and can also be used directly in the final decorative coatings formulation to bring a depolluting property.

This innovation brings to the paint and coatings an additional property or functionality besides the two major ones: Protection and Decoration.


FrancXavier FRANC has worked since 2010 as Business Manager Additives for Coatings and Printing Inks within SYNTHRON, member of Protex International Group.

He has extended experience in Coating Additives and has worked more than 25 years as Marketing and Technical Adviser in Coatings Additives Market within companies such as EFKA Additives and Ciba Specialties Chemicals.


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