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Adhesion Promotion Properties

Matching Adhesion Promotion Properties in SB and WB systems with One Silane

Alain Lejeune, Application Development Manager, Momentive Performance Materials


Coatings formulators are nowadays well aware of the benefits that silanes can bring to their formulations.

Adhesion promotion and crosslinking benefits are the most desirable functions expected in applications.

But the hydrolytic stability of alkoxy silanes controlling the reactivity during storage and at application is driving the silane selection to specific grades.

In particular Methoxy based silanes have shown clear limitations in terms of stability into Water Borne systems.

The success of an epoxysilane oligomer like CoatOSil MP 200 has proved that this product can be applicable in both Solvent Based and Water Borne formulations.

The current review will explain how the silane chemistry can be implemented in formulation and show how CoatOsil MP 200 can help to address multiple formulations issues.


LejeuneAlain Lejeune has a chemical engineer degree in organic chemistry.

He has worked mainly as a development and application chemist, through all his career.

He joined SICPA France, where he was in charge of the liquid ink R&D group for 10 years.

Then, in 1999, he joined Witco to start the European R&D silane coatings group.

After several acquisitions and merges the silane group became Momentive P.M. and Alain moved into marketing and technical support role to support customers in 2009.

Currently Application Development Manager for the Coatings Additives group, he is supporting sales and customers in Europe for CAS, Fiberglass and insulation wool applications.


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