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Aspects of Additives & Control Agents

Wednesday, 5 October 2016 from 13:00 to 17:30

Coatings Companies and their Technologists need to formulate Coatings that Perform. Defining Performance and then selecting and combining suitable cost effective raw materials, is a potential minefield.

You generally start with the key building blocks, the Raw materials that combine to form the Resin System and the Pigmentation plus the main components of the liquid phase, (if you’ll have one). If that would do the job every formulation would have about 5, or 6 components.

More often than not, your building blocks will need some more ‘cement’ to hold them together and get the performance you need. So you’ll need some “Additives & Control Agents”

Understanding the important Aspects of Additives & Control Agents that you’ll need to know and consider when choosing which to use, will certainly help. Knowing who can help you with technical support and sound advice, will save many hours of search and bench work.

West Riding OCCA have ‘Selected and Combined’ a Forum of companies that are keen to help you understand “Aspects of Additives & Control Agents”. They will help dispel some of the mysteries, give ‘Sound Advice’ and offer ‘Technical Support’.

This Forum has something for everybody who has an interest in Additives & Control Agents, from large producers, to small Industrial paints manufacturers and the companies that support them.

This concentrated form of lecture programme will have many advantages to members and companies, and we have come to expect good support from OCCA, and non-members.

Can be part of attendee’s Continuous Professional Development Link

Keynote Address, Professor Jim Guthrie, University of Leeds

Presentations on:

Paint Preservation, A Review of In-Can Biocides & Dry Film Biocidal Actives Graham Lawson, Technical Manager Regulatory Affairs, Thor Specialities UK

Problem Solving – Wetting & Levelling Agents in High Performance Water Based Coatings Jörg Wollschläger, Münzing Chemie GmbH

New Cobalt Free Drier Bernhard Hirschmann, Allnex

Foam – The Good the Bad and the Ugly!,Gina Walker, Technical Leader EMEA- CASE, Univar Ltd

Matching Adhesion Promotion Properties in SB and WB systems with One Silane Alain Lejeune, Application Development Manager, Momentive Performance Materials

Formaldehyde Scavengers- Solutions to Improve Indoor Air Quality, Xavier Franc, Synthron

Influence of solvent additions on the application of the paint formulations, Ms Xiaoxia Duan, University of Leeds and Austin Hayes Ltd

Please use the links to find out more detail about the individual presentations: Contact Rob Lewis 07935 804100  robnbert.lewis_at_gmail.com

Therefore a full programme is being offered which will be excellent value for money and offering opportunities to build Professional Development and networking.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016 from 13:00 to 17:30

13.00 start (please arrive between 12.00-12.30 to ensure booking-in and travel between gate and training building, 10-15 minute walk)

NOTE: no lunch is provided and we recommend you try and grab a sandwich before entry

Finish 17.45 followed by a buffet

Spaces are limited so early booking is recommended.




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