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R&D Tax Relief

Talk 4: R&D Tax Relief (30 mins) 14.00- 14:30 (Alister Brown CA and Dr Bernadette Johnson, Addere Valorem Ltd)

453896647_1-w1000h563Presentation: This talk will provide an overview of the Corporation Tax Relief available to UK businesses Investing in Innovation.  It will cover what R&D Tax Relief is, who qualifies, what types of project are eligible, and importantly what types of work are not qualifying.  Thus giving delegates guidance on Research and Development Tax Relief and reclaimable Credits.  We will also provide guidance on how to access these very valuable tax breaks, how to apply for Advanced Assurance, and discuss the timescales within which such claims may be made.  In addition, we will outline Patent Box Tax Relief, which may also be claimed in addition to R&D Tax Relief

We will provide real world case studies of Companies for whom we have recovered R&D Tax Credits, and will have, if time allows a brief Questions and Answers session.

Speakers: Alister Brown trained as Chartered Accountant in Deloitte’s qualifying with ICAS in 1994.  Post Qualification, he remained with Deloitte, in Corporate Restructuring, before transferring to Deloitte’s Corporate Finance team in Newcastle in 1997.  Spent 15 years in Industry, in senior finance roles, including 8 years as FD of £50m shipyard.  Established Addere Valorem Ltd in 2012, providing specialist advisory services to a broad range of SMEs, including Fundraising, Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence, Grant Assistance, and Specialist Tax Advice, including R&D Tax Relief.  Alister is the Director of Business Advisory at Addere Valorem.

Dr Bernadette Johnson holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Glasgow, and spent 18 years with Procter & Gamble within Research & Development (Newcastle Technical Centre) working on a vast array of projects, including formulation development, consumer understanding and packaging design.  Remit included Regional and Global responsibilities for R&D project delivery.  Represented P&G in Commercial and Intellectual Property legal challenges for European R&D.  Bernadette is the Director of R&D Tax at Addere Valorem.


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