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Introduction to CPI, Formulations and the NFC

Talk 1: Introduction to CPI, Formulations and the NFC (30 mins) 10:30 – 11.00 Darren Ragheb

Presentation: This talk will provide an introduction to the CPI, detailing how we help companies across the UK process industries to develop, prove, prototype and scale-up the next generation of products and processes.  An update will be provided on recent formulation-focused public investments, including the establishment of a National Formulation Centre.  This will give delegates an understanding of our available capabilities and the various mechanisms we apply to enable engagement, partnership towards growth for companies of all sizes.

Speaker: Darren Ragheb currently works at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) as Head of Business Development for the National Formulation Centre. The new £28 million National Formulation Centre brings together leading research, industrial know how and technology infrastructure to provide the environment for companies to accelerate the commercialisation of next generation formulated products. Darren holds a Masters in Chemistry and has held previous roles at The UK Forensics Science Service and Syngenta. He has more recently joined CPI from the Knowledge Transfer Network and has significant experience of innovation centres, R&D public funding (regional, national and European), technology roadmapping and project consortium building, and networking activities.


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