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High throughput screening applications in coatings

Talk 2: High throughput screening applications in coatings (30 mins) 11 – 11:30 Dr Lynn Donlon

Presentation: This talk will provide an overview of the CPI high throughput formulation and characterisation facility, focussing on applications in the area of coatings. High throughput methodologies provide a quick and convenient approach for screening of a wide range of formulation space. Such an approach is particularly useful when substitution of materials is required to overcome supply chain, regulatory or environmental pressures.

The extensive CPI HTE offering enables end to end high throughput campaigns to be realised. Campaigns begin with an initial design of experiments, moving to safe handling and dispense of a wide range of materials, on and offline mixing, characterisation of liquid formulations, application to substrates, cure and monitoring of cure behaviour, testing of final material properties linking to key product attributes and finally data analytics and modelling to optimise the ideal formulation for a given application. CPI capability in each of these areas will be discussed in detail.

Speaker: Dr Lynn Donlon is a Senior Research Scientist in Materials Science, working with the CPI National Formulation Centre. Her role to date has focussed on building a comprehensive high throughput offering to support end to end HTE campaigns across a range of sectors. She joined CPI in June 2016 from Procter and Gamble and has many years of experience in both academia and industry in the areas of surface science and modification and polymer chemistry.


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