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Graphene in Coatings

Talk 5: Graphene in Coatings (30 mins) 13:30- 14.00 Dr Steve Devine


Presentation: This talk will provide an introduction to the role of CPI in developing graphene based applications in the coating area, thus giving delegates an understanding of CPI’s capability in the area.  Graphene (and other 2D materials) will be discussed from concept and discovery through to examples of practical application of the materials with particular emphasis on the coatings sector where possible.  Particular attention will be payed to the handling and processing of graphene powders to compatibilise the material with the host matrix in order to maximise the benefit(s) obtained from the addition of the graphene and/or other 2D materials.

The various techniques suitable for producing graphene containing coatings and films, many of which are available at CPI, will be discussed with emphasis on the ability to develop at various scales form initial material development and proving, through prototyping and the next generation of products.  Finally, an update on recent advances in the characterisation of graphene based materials and subsequent graphene containing coatings will be discussed.

Speaker: Dr Stephen Devine is a Principal Scientist at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) – Nanotechnology for the National Formulation Centre (NFC).  Stephen holds a PhD in nanomaterials synthesis, a Masters in Quality Engineering and an MBA.  Stephen has held previous roles in both academia, University of Durham, and industry, Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, Johnson Matthey and Cookson Group, bringing over 25 years’ experience in the nanomaterials synthesis and processing sectors.  Stephen has spent the last 10 years at CPI helping to develop the UK’s nanomaterials supply chain through the MNT initiative NanoCentral, and founding the spin-out Primary Dispersions Ltd, a nanomaterials SME.  In the last 2 years, Stephen has been responsible for the design, equipping and scientific development within the Graphene Applications Centre which is housed within the NFC.



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