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Funding for Innovation: Opportunities and Requirements

Talk 3: Funding for Innovation: Opportunities and Requirements (30 mins) 11:30 – 12.00 Sandy Gunn

Presentation: This will outline the government funding available to companies through UK or European routes for companies to develop new products or services. It will show the range of opportunities for companies to increase their spend on innovation by leveraging their proposed R&D spending with government money. It will explain how to engage with academic and “Catapult” partners to develop projects and how to be more successful in applications.

It will specifically cover CPI’s present ERDF funded project Engineered Surfaces and Materials project which is available for small medium enterprises (SMEs) located in the NE or transitional areas (Teesside, South Yorkshire etc).


Speaker: Sandy Gunn has long experience within OCCA as a past-Chair and present Hon Treasurer of the West Riding Section of OCCA. He has worked for CPI for almost 7 years and has been involved in a number of SME initiatives including Innovation Accelerator and Engineering Surface Modification programmes. Sandy has successfully bid for over £3m Innovate UK and AMSCI funding and €4m funding for H2020 EU funding. His role within CPI is to build collaborative projects involving academics, SMEs and Large companies working towards common goals and utilising CPI’s considerable innovation assets. His previous experience with nano-materials, surface coatings and novel applications means he is aware of problems encountered by small business trying to launch new products and grow new business sustainably.


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