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Plastics BASICS plus Coating Plastics and the Role of Adhesion Promoters

“Plastics BASICS plus Coating Plastics and the Role of Adhesion Promoters”

Paul Swan, Principle Technical Services Representative, Eastman Company (UK) Limited.


The growth in the use of plastic materials in the industrial age has been unprecedented. The ability to produce complex shapes exhibiting attributes such as corrosion resistance, weight saving and even mechanical and structural strength has led to the use of plastics in almost every aspect of modern life. Whilst most plastics can be mass coloured, there is often a requirement to apply coatings onto plastic surfaces most often for aesthetic or protective reasons, but this can lead to challenges – notably in adhesion. This paper provides an overview of what is a plastic, what types of plastic are commonly found and what are the challenges in the coating of these materials? We further discuss the adhesion of coatings onto one of the most difficult types of plastic substrate – polyolefins and discuss regimes to improve paint adhesion on polyolefins, such as physical or chemical pre-treatment and the use of Eastman™ adhesion promoting additives


After studying chemistry at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, Paul began his career at the printing ink manufacturer Coates Brothers in Manchester/Rochdale, Paul Swanbefore leaving to join the engineering company IMI as a technical services chemist, at their copper tube production facility in Liverpool. He joined Eastman in 1993 at their then European Technical Centre in Liverpool, shortly before Eastman was spun off from Kodak. In this role as Principle Technical Services Representative at Eastman, Paul is responsible for the provision of technical support for Eastman products, in coatings, inks and cosmetic applications, throughout Western Europe.


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