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Concrete Sealing Concept and A Waterborne Acrylic Solution for Concrete Sealing Application

Concrete Sealing Concept and A Waterborne Acrylic Solution for Concrete Sealing Application, Ömer Faruk ŞEN, Field Marketing Manager, OrganikKimya



Waterproofing is a very well-known phenomena and thanks to the standards and regulations modern buildings are being constructed with proper water proofing solutions. On the other hand, even in standard modern buildings there are some “overlooked” areas and surfaces that are generally exposed to ponding water directly (such as basement parking lots etc..). Due their very porous and matrix structures, when cementitious systems are exposed to water (not only high pressure water but even ponding water) water can easily penetrate into the system and can cause serious problems. Reduction in strength, carbonatization and efflorescence are some of those issues. In this study a standard concrete surface which has been coated with an acrylic water-borne emulsion is being compared with the blank (uncoated) surface in terms of different mechanical properties.

Omer Faruk SenPersonal Profile of the Presenter:

Omer Faruk SEN was borne in 1982, Sakarya, Turkey. He was graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. He started his career in 2006 at Kalekim (the largest construction chemical company in Turkey) as an R&D Engineer. He joined Organik Kimya team in 2010 and worked as the Application and Technical Service Specialist in Paint & Coating divison. In the beginning of 2012 he became responsible for establishing the “Construction Solutions” divison and Constrution Chemicals Application Lab in Organik Kimya. He worked for both R&D and sales as the Technical Solutions Manager for Construction Solutions for 5 years. Now he is in the Marketing team of Organik Kimya, as the Field Marketing Manager, since the beginning of 2017. He is responsible for paints & coatings, construction chemicals and textile markets. He is interested in architectural photography and astrophotography.


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