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Challenges of Painting HDPU Foam Substrates– a Case Study

Brenda Peters MICorr FTSC FIMF, Senior Partner, Analysis


High Density Polyurethane Foams are used for moulding cases for many items where steel has been used in the past, e.g. Cases for computers and keyboards, household appliances and for medical and laboratory equipment. HDPU is, for most coatings technologists, an unusual substrate.


Brenda started her career as Junior Chemist with the North Western Gas Board at the Central Labs in Manchester.  In those days gas was made from coal and there was a lot of steelwork to be painted each year.  All the paint companies, of which there were many, tendered for the contract to supply paint each year and sent in samples to be tested for quality.  Anyone who had any spare time went into the paint lab to test some of the paint.  However when two new junior chemists were appointed, it became Brenda’s job to test the paint, and so started a long career in paint testing and analysis. She then moved to the East Midlands and worked for an independent research association attached to the Chemical Engineering Department of Loughborough University, followed by a spell as a Highways Technician for Lincolnshire County Council.  On her return to the North West, she joined Touchin Laboratories, as assistant to Roy Touchin.  After Roy’s untimely death, she carried on running the company for the family, until it was sold to John Ashworth and she became a partner in the newly formed company, John Ashworth and Partners.  In 1988 the partnership was dissolved and she set up Analysis, a scientific consultancy specialising in general analytical chemistry, paint and corrosion problems.

Brenda is a Past President of OCCA and Treasurer of Manchester Section, Honorary Editor of SCI and Honorary Secretary of the Registration and Awards committee. She is a Past President of the Institute of Corrosion, Hon Secretary and a past chairman of their North West branch. She has been a council member of both ICorr. and OCCA since the mid 1990’s. She is on the management Board of the Institute of Materials Finishing, the chair of their Organics Group and is a member of their Publications Committee.


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