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Aspects of Protective Coatings – Protection of Steel, Wood & Plastic Substrates

Tues 19th September 2017, Village Hotel Leeds South – Jct 28 M62

Address: Capitol Blvd, Tingley, Morley, Leeds LS27 0TS Directions



The traditional title “Protective Coatings” generally focuses on Corrosion of Steel substrates.

This is important and will feature in our Forum, however, what about Protection of other substrates that coatings technologists must Protect.

Wood – For centuries the types of Wood used in construction, have been selected to minimise Degradation and failure. In more modern times, Coatings Technologists needed to formulate Coatings to Protect Wood substrates of lesser and cheaper, quality.

Plastics – In many cases replacing Wood, or Metal substrates, are not innately problem free. Even now, some consumers think they are, and expect Plastic items to last for many years. If they do, last for years, is it the type of Plastic, or a Coating, or other technology protecting them?

When Protecting Wood and Plastic substrates, even if not against failure, technologists must Protect the aesthetics, that encouraged the consumer to purchase the item. (At least until the marketing department produce the next ‘must have’ latest version).

Understanding important “Aspects of Protective Coatings” for different substrates, when selecting and combining raw materials and formulating a coating, will certainly help.

Knowing who can help you with technical support and sound advice, will save many hours of search and bench work.

West Riding OCCA have ‘Selected and Combined’ a Forum of companies that are keen to help you understand “Aspects of Protective Coatings” for different substrates, such as ‘Steel, Wood & Plastic’.

They will help dispel some of the mysteries, give ‘Sound Advice’ and offer ‘Technical Support’.

This Forum has something for everybody who has an interest in Protective Coatings for different substrates; from large producers, to small Industrial paints manufacturers and the companies that support them.

This concentrated form of lecture programme will have many advantages to members and companies, and we have come to expect good support from OCCA, and non-members.

“Aspects of Protective Coatings – Protection of Steel, Wood & Plastic Substrates” continues West Riding OCCA’s popular series of Forums showing developments in the Surface Coatings industry. The event can be used in support of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Professional Membership: Licentiate (LTSC); Associate (ATSC); and Fellow (FTSC).

Come and join West Riding OCCA, for a typical, relaxed, friendly and informative afternoon.

There will, as usual, be Early Bird delegate rates and a non-OCCA member offer of free membership for a year.

Provisional timings

10.30-11:20 – Delegate Registration, Coffee, Table Tops and Networking

11.30 – Keynote

13:20 – Lunch, Table Tops and Networking

15:55 – Break, Photos, Table Tops and Networking

17.05 – Closing Remarks Networking

Aspects of Protective Coatings – Protection of Steel, Wood & Plastic Substrates – Programme Summary:

Keynote Address Professor Jim Guthrie, Department of Colour Science, School of Chemistry, Leeds University

Fundamentals of Corrosion of Carbon Steel” Malcolm Morris, Sherwin Williams

“From Wood Basics to New Innovative Design Solutions for the Future” Luc Sterckx, Tennants/allnex

“Plastics BASICS plus Coating Plastics and the Role of Adhesion Promoters.” Paul Swan, Safic-Alcan/Eastman

An Introduction to Passive Fire Protection” Malcolm Morris, Sherwin Williams

“Why Coatings Fail to Protect Substrates – a Practical Approach” Alan Guy, Safinah

“SAA Resinous Polyols – Performance Enhancers for Coatings and Inks” Dr. Paul J. Macefield, Business Development Manager, LuerChem LLC 

Concrete Sealing Concept and A Waterborne Acrylic Solution for Concrete Sealing Application, Ömer Faruk ŞEN, Field Marketing Manager, OrganikKimya

“Challenges of Painting HDPU Foam Substrates– a Case Study”, Brenda Peters,

“Understanding UV Protection for Protective Coatings” Allan Dixon, Account Manager – Coatings, Plastics & Specialities, BTC.

Please use the links to find out more detail about the individual presentations: Contact Rob Lewis 07935 804100  robnbert.lewis_at_gmail.com

Therefore a full programme is being offered which will be excellent value for money and offering opportunities to build Professional Development and networking.

Tuesday 19th September 2017, Village Hotel Leeds South

10.30-17.00 Lunch provided

Spaces are limited so early booking is recommended (Early bird discounts available).

Members £45.00

Non-Members £140.00 (includes membership for 1 year)





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