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AGM 2016

Oil and Colour Chemists’ Association, West Riding Section.

Minutes of the 63rd  Annual General Meeting held at 18.30 on Monday 11th April 2016 at the Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate.

Present; Rob Lewis (Chair) , Sandy Gunn, Jonathan Bunce, Matthew Brookes , Helen Lehan, Jim Bury and Algy Kazlauciunas

Meeting commenced – 6.52pm.

1 Apologies for Absence.

Steve Wood, Richard Booker and Steve Birkett.

2 Minutes of the 62nd AGM

These were taken as read. –  Proposed SG/ Seconded AK

3 Matters arising from the minutes

Remove Russell Hird from distribution list.

The committee commented that we don’t have a definitive list of our membership, Jim Bury commented that we can forward any correspondence that is required by the membership via Mark Hutton or Brenda Peters and Christine Mason will  also have a copy of the list.

4 Chairman’s review

No report filed

5 Committee Report

A brief summary was read out by the secretary – AK/RL

6 Treasurer’s Report

This was read by SG. Acceptance was proposed by JB and seconded by AK and agreed unanimously.

Surplus of £2636 + VAT £299

The committee have awarded a £2000 bursary for a UK or European student.

WROCCA Balance – £17,667.44

7 Election of Officers.

Offices elected on block:-

Chairman. – Steve Wood – Unanimous

Treasurer. Sandy Gunn  – RL/JB

Secretary – Jonathan Bunce  – RL/SG

Secretary – designate – Helen Lehan – RL/JB

8.Election of Committee members:-

Helen Lehan and Matthew Brookes were elected as committee members.

Action: RL to contact Christine Mason regarding HL membership.

9 Any other business.

Check AGM procedure – SG

Jim Bury commented that the committee must improve notification to the membership regarding future AGM’s

11 Any other matters

HL & MB to create a OCCA Winter Ball Facebook page to promote the Winter Ball

There were no other matters arising and the meeting finished at 7.43pm.



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