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Dr. Paul J. Macefield, Business Development Manager, LuerChem LLC


Styrene Allyl Alcohol (SAA) resinous polyols are hard, thermoplastic materials with a comparatively high Tg, high hydroxyl-functionality, and relatively low molecular weight and polydispersity.

The high primary hydroxyl content of SAA makes it a very reactive polyol in reactive coating systems (eg. urethane & melamine or UF) where reduction in cure times and temperatures helps avoid damage to sensitive substrates such as wood and plastics and also helps to reduce harmful formaldehyde emissions.  Residual hydroxyl groups also provide enhanced adhesion to wood, metal and plastics and help disperse colour in pigmented systems. The high aromatic content enhances hardness, gloss, weatherability and resistance to water, chemicals, and stains.

These properties have found use in a variety of coating applications, including wooden furniture and kitchen cabinetry, plastics and metal protection where cure speed, appearance, and moisture/chemical resistance and adhesion are important performance properties.

To show some of the technical versatility of SAA as a modifier for coatings, for this presentation, the following subject areas will be discussed:

1K melamine cured alkyd conversion varnish for kitchen cabinetry

2K PUR with improved cure speed and weatherability for furniture & exterior wood

The presentation will conclude with an overview of other coating applications for SAA.



Paul has over forty years of experience in the chemical industry, most of which has been involved in coatings and paint.  Following his Ph.D. in chemistry he began his coatings career in the traditional photographic industry.

He then joined Dow Chemical in which, over 20 years, he gained considerable technical and marketing experience in latex dispersions, epoxy resins, urethanes, alkyd resins, biocides, amino-alcohol dispersants and bio-based materials.  Paul now applies his technical, sales and marketing experience to the role of Business Development Manager for LuerChem LLC, where his prime activities focus on coatings, notably protective, industrial, coil, decorative and inks.


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