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AGM 2015

Minutes of the 62nd Annual General Meeting held at 18.30 on Monday 13th April 2015 at the Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate.

Present; Steve Wood (Chair), Sandy Gunn, Jonathan Bunce, Rob Lewis , Steve Birkett and Algy Kazlauciunas

Meeting commenced – 6.42pm.

1 Apologies for Absence.

Richard Booker  and Mike Cochrane.

2 Minutes of the 61st AGM

These were taken as read.

3 Matters arising from the minutes


4 Chairman’s review

The review was read out by the chairman. Acceptance was proposed by RL and seconded by SB and carried unanimously.

5 Committee Report

A brief summary was read out by the secretary.

6 Treasurer’s Report

SG confirmed that the new Yorkshire bank account was set up and ready to go.

This was read by SG. Acceptance was proposed by SW and seconded by JB and agreed unanimously.

Surplus of £1115 on the year.

SG suggested that we use Eventbrite for Aspects.

JB to send Invoice to Rakem to pay Organik Kimya Winter ball bill.

7 Election of Officers.

Offices elected on block:-

Chairman. – Steve Wood –

Treasurer. Sandy Gunn

Publication: Algy K

Secretary – Jonathan Bunce

All above approved by the committee.

8.Election of Committee members:- None

Removed from the committee – Russell Hird, Tim Norris & Helen Barker.

9 Any other business.

The committee commented  that they are trying to be innovative but we need to know our members and how many members we have,  the membership data base is not updated, who is in charge of this data base?

11 Any other matters

There were no other matters arising and the meeting finished at 7.13pm.


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