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Aspects of Formulation

‘Aspects of Formulation’ WROCCA Forum – Weds 16th October PPG, (Sigma/Kalon)

Coatings Companies and their Technologists need to formulate products that do the job.

Defining what ‘the job’ is and then selecting and combining suitable cost effective raw materials, is a potential minefield.

Understanding the important Aspects you need to know and consider when using key raw material groups, will certainly help.

Knowing who can help you with technical support and sound advice, will save many hours of search and bench work.

We have ‘selected and combined’ a Forum of companies that are keen to help you understand Aspects of Formulating with some ‘Key Raw Material Groups’.

They will help dispel some of the mysteries, give ‘Sound Advice’ and offer ‘Technical Support’.

This Forum has something for everybody who has an interest in Formulation, from large producers, to small Industrial paints manufacturers and the companies that support them.

This concentrated form of lecture programme will have many advantages to members and companies, and we expect good support from OCCA, and non-members.

13.00-13.15 – Check in at Bradford Road Security Gate.

Then escort to the venue. Allow minimum 15 minutes.

13.30-17.00 – Technical Presentations, followed by buffet.

Keynote Address, Professor Jim Guthrie

Presentations, (not necessarily in this order):

Union Colours, Mark Vallely – Formulating with Pigments

Altana, (Eckart), Thomas Voit – Formulating with Metallic Effect Pigments

Troy Chemicals, Bob Miller – Performance Additives, and Multi-Functional Raw Materials

iFormulate, David Calvert – Stability of Formulations

Scott Bader, Richard Hirst – Formulating with Resins

Azelis, Stefan Hagenberg – Bespoke Guide Formulation Support

Come and join West Riding OCCA, for a typical, relaxed, friendly and informative afternoon.

There will, as usual, be a non-OCCA member offer of free membership.

We will be in contact shortly with Registration details and abstracts.

If you have queries before that please contact:

Sandy Gunn


+44 (0)787 233 5989


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